I did the apprenticeships. I Started over 500 horses myself. I put in the hours day in and day out for 20 years figuring out the Best and Safest way to train a horse.


I took the long way to learning how to train horses in a way I was proud of…

And now I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, thrown out anything that doesn’t work, and put the rest into a single comprehensive program.

The Result is the 21 Days to a Safer Horse Course.

An Intensive Training Program Designed to get you huge results in no time!

“I don’t know where I would be without his help. I was terrified of my horse after a pretty serious horse-related injury. I went from being terrified to tackling some of the most challenging obstacles with my horse. I love the feeling of riding with confidence.”

-Susan R


Peek Inside the Course


Pillar 1




Learn how to build a powerful connection with your horse so you can stay safe in even the most uncertain circumstances. Your horse will learn to look to you, choosing to want to be with you instead of wanting to run away or be with other horses or the barn.






Discover how to connect with even the most dull and heavy horses in order to get them to be soft and feather light. When you can effortlessly connect with your horse, you can easily direct them and control their movement with out resistance. Instead of fighting against you, your horse will chose to be working with you.






Transform your communication with your horse by teaching them with crystal clear clarity and understanding. You will give your horse the confidence of knowing exactly what you want and what they need to look for in order to stay connected with you no matter what.



Get Trailer Loading Secrets

In addition to the amazing Safer Horse Course, you’ll also get my best-selling trailer loading course.


Inside you’ll learn…

  • How to get any horse into any trailer


  • Fun and safe exercises to practice with your horse


  • How to make your horse love you instead of fear you


  • Tactics to reduce the stress of trailers for your horse

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way

 You’ll Also Get

Lifetime Access

When you buy today, you will get lifetime access to the 21 Days to a Safer Horse Course through our student portal.  Never feel rushed, and come back to the lessons as often as you need to — forever!

Community & Support

You’ll have access to the Steady Horse Community, where you can ask questions and get help. Any frustrations you may encounter along the way, we’ll be here to make sure you get the most out of this course!

“Noah literally saved my horse Drifter’s life. He was so unmanageable and dangerous that I thought I would have to sell him, and no one wanted him. But thanks to Noah I’ve been able to ride him safely again, and I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels.”

-Lee Anne G.


To make sure you have everything you need…


Get the EXACT SAME Obstacle Training Course that National Champions have used to take their horse to the top of their game in obstacle training.

FREE for a Limited Time!

Stop running around…

…hopping from one trainer to another and finally have everything you need to train your horse yourself in one place?

Safely avoid wasting a boatload of time & money…

…because you’ve finally found the right solution that puts the old way of learning to shame?

Actually gain the confidence to show off your horse...

…instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed that something isn’t quite right…?

Develop life-long skills...

…that no one can ever take away from you that actually get you the results that you want?

Avoid getting unnecessarily hurt...

…because you have a real relationship with your horse… that YOU built with it!

That is the opportunity in front of you today.

To finally achieve game-changing results with your horsemanship. To finally be confident in your ability to, with just a little time and practice, build a real bond with your horse — WITHOUT spending hours of frustration, tears and pointless injuries to get it right.

No more gut wrenching fear based training that leaves you feeling dirty. When you’re done you’ll be so proud the bond YOU created!

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

The 21 Days to a Safer Horse Course

The full length video course, the 3 pillars of having a safer, happier relationship with your horse.

Our best-selling Trailer Loading Secrets bonus course

My best-selling secret to get any horse into any trailer easily. You’ll learn valuable techniques and tactics to remove the fear of the trailer and make sure your horse is actually happy.

The Obstacle Training Course

This is the same coaching I’ve used to train world champions. You’ll learn everything there is to know about deftly taking your horse around obstacles with confidence.

The Steady Horse Support Community

We’re here to make sure you have everything you need along the way. Our support community allows you to get in touch with us, along with other students, so you can get help overcoming any obstacle!


Because everyone is stuck inside… I’ve decided to do something special… Get the 21 Days to a Safer Horse Course for over 50% OFF.



Check out a few of the HUNDREDS of testimonials that we receive every week from successful Steady Horse Students.


Still have questions? Read our FAQ:

"How is this course delivered?"

“How is the course delivered?”

All the training materials are online in video format. This way you can watch it on any device and have permanent access to it forever. DVDs are available by request.

"I'm too busy to dedicate time to this right now..."

“This sounds great, but I’m busy, I don’t really have time to dedicate to this right now…”

The good news is that you can start and stop the program whenever you want. 21 days is just the average amount of time it takes someone to complete the program.

Some people complete it in as little as a week… some take longer… it’s designed to get you results… fast!

“What if I’ve never ridden a horse before?”

“What if I’ve never ridden a horse before?”

Then that’s perfect! That means you don’t have any bad habits to break yet! You’re actually light years ahead of the average horse person because you get to learn the right way from the start!

You don’t need any experience to start this course, it’s designed to help you know exactly where to start.

This course, I believe, will help anyone, at any level, to improve very quickly.

Need help or still have questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for your goals.